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October 11, 2016
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Hunter Makers Festival – The Advitech Group

The Advitech Group is a STEM based collective of companies who design and manufacture smart solutions to solve challenges faced by industry.

The Advitech Group’s range of niche products and solutions includes Intercepta by Acubis Technologies – a smart radar camera system designed to improve safety on private roads such as mine sites. Member company Novecom specialises in the design and manufacture of environmental monitoring solutions.

Its SentineX platform incorporates a series of products to remotely monitor and manage environmental conditions like noise, air and water quality. Hushpak Engineering solves noise problems with its range of noise attenuation components for heavy machinery.

They also developed Hushclad acoustic cladding and Hushpanel acoustic fencing – helping industrial operations and construction projects to minimise their noise impacts. Together, The Advitech Group is solving business and industry challenges with smart, innovative solutions.

intercepta-smart-radar-camera Advitech


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